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Bullets Off-Broadway by Wayne Zurl

Prospect City Councilman Danny Swope had two bad habits. He drank too much and he beat his wife. Throw in …

Dan Tanna Ain’t Dead:The Infidelity Case by Jack Bates

Private Investigator, Harry Landers, believes he is taking on another ho-hum, routine case of infidelity. Before long, however, he finds himself …

Time Before Midnight by L. A. Wilson, Jr.

T. J. Durant, a limousine driver and unwed mother, has struggled and salvaged herself from the desperation of street-life. She …

Darktown Strutters by L. A. Wilson, Jr.

It’s the early forties and Travis Redmond, aka Memphis Red (2012 Nomination for Best PI Short Story in AHMM–“Dancer in …

Victims by L. A. Wilson, Jr.

Ellis Carver’s best friend and fellow police officer has been killed, and it appears that his fellow police officers have …

The Last Watcher by D. B. Clifton

Upon his beloved mentor’s death, a young seminary student begins a journey to prove that everything in which he once …

Mumbly Peg by Jack Bates

When a young woman becomes the recipient of a lurid photo of herself with an older married man, she enlists …

Rumors by E. Jean Beres

Small town lawyer, Willis Scrapton, is fed up with businessman, Hank Wilson and envies the power he wields in their …

Sweet Dreams, Caroline by E. Jean Beres

When Caroline’s sister, Debra, arrives for their grandmother’s funeral, Caroline’s life slowly begins to shatter. Debra clings to Michael, Caroline’s …

The Shield and the Shadow: The Last Watcher #4 by D. B. Clifton

Like pieces on a cosmic chessboard, old antagonists and new allies move toward a decisive showdown. With both his friend …

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