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TLW – Complete Collection of Adventure 1 by D. B. Clifton

This is the complete audiobook novelette collection of The Last Watcher Adventure 1. The Last Watcher – The voyage begins …

The Serpent Beneath the Flower by Jack Bates

It’s been almost three years since Harry Landers worked a case for the parents of Jessica Elliott, finally found dead—murdered …

Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves by Wayne Zurl

Gypsy con artists roll through Prospect, Tennessee and inveigle an expensive boat and trailer from Chief Sam Jenkins’ friend. Three …

E. Jean Beres – Audiobook CD Bundle

This is an eclectic collection of E. Jean Beres previously published novelettes. Titles and descriptions include: Dream House, an extremely …

Mix Me a Murder by Jack Bates

Scott Lumly is invited to attend the grand opening of Acrylic, a bar-slash-bistro, by his friend Erica Perzyk. The introduction …

The Hill Brothers Trilogy – CD Bundle

The Hill brothers, Simon, Darien and Edwin are still learning to use their bows and arrows to hunt. One day …

Enthralled: Pawn of the Necromancers by Rebecca A. Stelly

Having swapped his mortality for slavery, Sam, the undead butler, is forced to serve one human master after another. Janet, …

Affaron (#3) by Troy Lee Henderson

Simon Hill and his brothers, Darien and Edwin, now live as fugitives on Affaron Island where they work with the …

Disturbance by E. Jean Beres

Sam Foster’s son, Peter, sees a man kill his Aunt Ellen and is traumatized. His father finds him hiding and …

The Butlers Did It by Wayne Zurl

Things started out innocently enough. Sam Jenkins and Bettye Lambert used a little police department time to go Christmas shopping. …

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