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The Butcher’s Heir by Jack Bates

When the son of a long missing union president turns to him for help, private investigator Harry Landers delves into …

A Labor Day Murder by Wayne Zurl

Chief Sam Jenkins learns of an illegal card game and the sale of moonshine at the Iron Skillet restaurant and …

The Shield and the Shadow: The Last Watcher #4 by D. B. Clifton

Like pieces on a cosmic chessboard, old antagonists and new allies move toward a decisive showdown. With both his friend …

Someone Else’s Dream by E. Jean Beres

When Ruth marries Robert Dowland, she has no idea the impact Robert’s first wife, Madeline, has on everyone’s life. Ruth …

Ninety Days by Victoria S. Johnson

Alana Williams has considered herself a bean pole for most of her life; she hasn’t had too much luck in …

Ten Minutes After Midnight by Jack Bates

How do you hide a dead guy everyone wants to kill? When Private Investigator Harry Landers gets strong armed into …

Serpents & Scoundrels by Wayne Zurl

A past informant leads Chief Sam Jenkins and Sergeant Stan Rose to a partially buried corpse in a forest clearing …

The Bending of Glass by Jack Bates

Judith, nearly 40, finds herself divorced and living with her mother. She becomes attracted to a female glass artisan, one …

The Lady and the Shield: The Last Watcher #3 by D. B. Clifton

From Istanbul to Paris to the dark countryside of Normandy, the chase is on. Philip Thomas, also known as Brother …

The Girl Whose Life Went Up in Smoke by Jack Bates

A chance encounter with a past client pushes private investigator Harry Landers into looking for answers he felt he never …

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