Remote Bliss by M. Cheryl Green

ISBN: 978-0-9821192-0-4 | Product Code: MWA0200108A1

mwa_rbliss_jacketfrtJosiel Henry finally found solace from a violent past when she retired to a quiet isolated cottage in the country. Her seclusion is shattered when four bank robbers choose her home as a hideout in their escape from the law. Held prisoner in her own home, Josiel’s thoughts are flooded with the past, along with the realization that escape is imperative. As her captors debate the merits of murdering their witness, Josiel schemes to break free but soon finds the risk of running away is greater than she could have imagined. Outnumbered and forced to fight for her life, she learns just how far she will go to save herself.  A gripping story that provokes a primal fear, Remote Bliss explores the instinct for self preservation.

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