Waning Chance by Thorn Osgood

The School of Ancestral Guidance Saga, Book 1.5


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The Reclamation

The government nuclear bombs Charleston, SC. Martial law along with hired government enforcers ratchets up city lock-downs. Citizens are angry.

Paisley, her brother Ramsey and friends: Amada and Choon are compelled to walk away from all they have known. Meanwhile, Sam Battles and his organization set out to make the government pay for their actions and crosses paths with Paisley in an improbable meeting.

Sam hires Paisley to work in his organization. When Paisley discovers communication links, her plans change.Sam and his people must slip through law enforcement and complete their mission. Paisley searches for a way to cross over. Their choices lead to unthinkable encounters that require courage and resolve to succeed.MORE…

Thorn Osgood was born in Thomasville, Georgia, and grew up in South Florida. During her grade school years, her father read her stories that fed her imagination. Through the years, she has traveled many times to that special place in her mind to imagine fantastic yarns and what ifs and she has finally started to write them down. This is her debut work. Thorn currently lives in Crawford County, Georgia with her Mittelschnauzer, Raskoph, and his stray cats, Grayball and Tweeky. MORE…






Originally posted 11/4/2016.

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